Story Time

#XD30-Chapter 4-Stolen Moments

“What are we doing?” Ashley asks, placing her head of soft curls on my chest.

Preferring to live in the moment, I say nothing. Instead, I kiss her on the forehead. Derek left to run errands a half hour ago.

I hate that our relationship is comprised of stolen moments.

Frustrated with my response, Ashley moves away from me.

“You can’t keep ignoring the inevitable Susan. We have to come clean.”

She’s right. I turn on my side to look at her.

“You think I don’t know that? ! Exactly how would you like me to break the news?! Hey guys, I’ve been faux dicking Ashley for the past six years. Does that work for you?!”

Ashley’s eyes narrow. The shit has officially hit the fan.

“You know what?! I’ll break the news to Derek and Tim Saturday night at my birthday dinner. Don’t care if that works for you…you don’t have a choice.”

I get out of the bed and start putting my clothes on.

“Do what you have to do. I should have done it a long time ago.”

Ashley snorts. She’s so sexy when she’s mad. I walk over to where Ashley’s standing, zipping up her jeans.

Grabbing her hand, I look into her brown eyes and smile. I can never stay mad at her long. Hand in hand, we walk into the living room together.

“We’re going to do this Saturday night. Together. I promise.”

As soon as I finished the last syllable, I hear the key turning the lock on the front door. Ashley quickly lets go of my hand.

I sashay over to Derek, kissing him on the cheek.

“Hey honey. What do you want for lunch? ”

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