Colorful Burdens

During the spring/summer, the trees are full of leaves. Over time, those leaves begin to weigh down the branches, which aren’t all very strong. When the seasons change, the trees begin to release the leaves, creating a colorful blanket on the ground.
Now imagine the tree as the spirit/body and the leaves as the burdens that weigh the spirit/body down. Do the trees feel as free as the spirit/body feels?

American Horror Story is Scary Enough for Me

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Very rarely does the intro of a television show scare me to death. In fact, I think the last time I was this spooked was when the Crypt Keeper popped out of his casket.

Then along came American Horror Story. Each season involves a new story line. Many of the cast members from previous seasons return for the new season. Those who love good horror stories will appreciate American Horror Story for its ability to have you second guessing the locks on your door.

In addition to the well-loved cast, the series is also known for their intros. Each season, the intros outdid themselves. I can’t watch them all the way through. I change the channel or leave the room. Yes, it’s that crazy.

Don’t believe me? Watch the video below for the intros for the first 3 seasons of the series.


If you made it to this point, I applaud you. Go ahead and torture yourself more by watching the intro for the current “Freak Show” season. I dare you to watch both of these videos in the dark.


The Autumn of Life

I experienced decades of sadness and joy

Curated memories and learned some painful lessons

Just so I can spend the autumn of my life

Reflecting and appreciating.

If I don’t see another winter

That’s fine with me.

You see, I’ve loved many

Laughed heartily 

Experienced the world around me

Shared my knowledge with the masses.

I can leave this world

Happy to see the leaves change colors

As I prepare for my final season.


My Hand is Forced


I’ve ignored the stress for a very long time, hoping it would just go away.

Instead, the stress compounded, making it unbearable for me to function normally. The pot has boiled over. I’ve hit the wall. Something has to give.

Change is necessary. On top of that, I don’t know what changes are needed for the stress to go away. For someone who loathes surprises, not knowing what’s next is quite uncomfortable. I’m not a fan of this part of the journey.

On the bright side, being uncomfortable may not be as bad as it seems:)