What Do You Stand to Lose?


Have you ever watched something on TV and you hear something that speaks to your state of mind at the moment? While live-tweeting  Season 11, Episode 20 of Grey’s Anatomy, the following tweet appeared on my timeline:

Here’s the back story. Prior to watching Grey’s Anatomy, I spent the day reflecting on the four goals I had made for the first quarter of 2015. I was so pissed and disappointment with myself for not accomplishing any of them.

You seriously wasted three months. 

Do you know how far you could be now if you got this shit done?

Now you have to work twice as hard…UGH!

Fast forward to watching Grey’s Anatomy that evening. When the above tweet hit my timeline, it was like someone had thrown ice cold water on me. I reminded myself of all the things I did have. I won a #LenovoSurprise and gained a lot of clarity on things that bothered me for months.

Honestly, I could lose these things just as quickly as I gained them. So yeah, I failed to do something I had intentions of doing. Am I upset about it? Yes. Can I undo the past few months? No. What I can do is to make the most of each day by working towards my goals.

It’s as simple as that.




Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground--Don't allow your fear of what others think keep you silent.|www.therecoveringpessimist.me When I was in undergrad, I took a course on business psychology. Of all the topics the course covered, the most interesting one to me was groupthink.

In a groupthink situation, problems and/or issues are handled as a group. The outcome is agreed to by all members of the group, even if group members don’t necessarily agree.

But why would someone want to just go with the group when they know the solution isn’t the best?

The answer: Fear.

Going against the grain, even if your thoughts and/or ideas are good, can be frightening. There’s a fear of being isolated by the group, which can lead to tension. If the environment is already full of tension, why add more by going against the group?

The answer: Because you need to stand your ground.

Sacrificing your thoughts and/or feelings for those of the majority can be extremely uncomfortable. But you know what’ seven more uncomfortable? Being miserable because you didn’t stand your ground.  Is going with the group worth it?  Absolutely not.

Your thoughts, feelings, and creativity are yours. Nobody can take them from you. Don’t let fear allow you to be miserable. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand your ground.

Why I Write

The Recovering Pessimist: Why I Write

During the week, I was brainstorming ideas for today’s post. I checked the drafts, but didn’t like anything that I wrote. Watched TV for a bit, didn’t feel too inspired. Once again, inspiration struck while I was washing dishes.

Why do you write?

The question was so random that I dropped the dish in the sink and ran to write the question down. Now, without further adieu, this is why I write:

  1. I want to share the lessons I learned with others so that hopefully they don’t have to feel the heartache and pain that I did. If you can dodge the bullet, dodge it.

  2. Applying fingers to keyboard (or pen to paper) removes the chaos in my mind so that I can sort it out and focus.

  3. I’m inspired. When inspiration strikes, I have to write about it. What comes of that inspiration amazes me at times.

  4. I want to express the emotions that I don’t often express personally. I’m not a sensitive person, so I prefer to write stories that trigger the reader’s sensitive side. Which would explain why so many of my stories are slightly sad.

These are a few reasons I can think of off top of why I write. If you’re a writer, tell me why do you write?

Stop Worrying About the Wrong Things

The Recovering Pessimist: Stop Worrying About the Wrong ThingsFolks are out here worried about the most trivial of things. Not only are these things trivial, but they are also out of our control. Think about all the times you worried about something that you knew you had no control over.

Remember all the time and energy (hell, even money) that was wasted? I get pissed at the thought of all the time, energy, and money I threw away worrying about what I couldn’t control. This led to a very powerful lesson I learned:

Instead, I invested that time, energy, and money into the things that were in my control. As soon as I started doing that, I realized that I didn’t worry as much as I used to. Your time and energy are just as valuable as money. Don’t cut yourself short worrying about what can’t be changed.

drops mic

Say Hello & Goodbye

The Recovering Pessimist: Say Hello & Goodbye

There are a lot of things to look forward to this month. One, Daylight Savings Time (DST) began on the 8th. My spirit rejoices at the thought of longer days. Makes me feel like I have more time to be productive. Two, Spring began on the 20th. That’s right, warmer days are thisclose to happening.

*screams with excitement*

The impending weather change and longer days often inspire me to do a deep clean of my apartment. Material things I no longer need are donated and/or recycled. I promised myself back during the fall that for every new item that I brought into my apartment, I would have to get rid of an item.

Not only does that apply to the material things I my apartment but also to my mental state. Months of defeat left me ridden with anxiety and stress before I was reminded to get out of my head. Even though the situations were resolved, I was still holding on to the negativity.

Holding onto chaos, whether it’s material or mental creates clutter. The last thing any of us needs is clutter. You cannot say “Hello” to positivity and until you say “Goodbye” to the clutter. Feel free to let that marinate for a while.