Story Time

#XD30-Chapter 3-Tunnel Vision

The ring that Susan thinks is for her isn’t for her. Before we went in for Susan’s last procedure, I had gone to the jeweler to pick it up for my cousin Tim. He’s planning on proposing to his girlfriend Ashley this weekend. Hence the phone call that I know Susan was eavesdropping on.

I’ve been trying to talk Tim out of this proposal for weeks now. It’s not that I don’t like Ashley. I think she’s awesome as a person. There are things about her that I’ve noticed about her that I know Tim can’t see. He’s so in love with her it’s ridiculous. Ashley knows that Tim has a severe case of tunnel vision when it comes to her.

What makes it worse is that as her best friend, Susan should be talking Tim out of this engagement, not me. But Susan can’t do that because she doesn’t know about the engagement.

It’s now Thursday morning. I’m in the kitchen making a cup of coffee when Susan walks in.

“You’re up early. I thought you weren’t going in the office today.”

I yawn. “I have some errands to run. I should be home by 2.”

“Okay. I’m going to get ready for work.”

As I sip my coffee, I grab a pen and paper. The engagement dinner is scheduled for Saturday night at 7. Tim’s told Ashley that he’s having a birthday party for her. I have to confirm the seating and flight confirmations for family members coming in Friday night. I can’t believe that Tim is flying so many people in from out of town. I have to tell him before he wastes all of this money.

How do you tell someone you love like a sibling that his fiancée is sleeping with your girlfriend?

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