Story Time

#XD30-Chapter 5-Four Course Announcement Part 1

All week, I’ve been looking for the perfect opportunity to tell Tim that his woman is cheating on him. Clearly, I failed. Oh well. No use in trying to figure it out now. What’s done is done.

It’s 6:15 Saturday evening. Dinner is at 7. Tim, family members, and I have arrived at the restaurant by shuttle bus. Susan is bringing Ashley to the restaurant between 6:55 and 7:00. Tim and I get everyone into the private dining room and dim the lights. I call Susan to see where she is.

“Hey hon.”

“How far away are you and Ashley?”

“We are waiting for valet now.”

I check my watch. It’s 6:56. She may be a cheater, but she’s always punctual. After waiting for what seemed like forever, I hear the clicking of heels on the marble floor. I signal for everyone to be quiet. When I see their shadows enter the room, I signal for Tim to pull the string holding the net of balloons bouncing on the ceiling.


Ashley’s shocked. Finally, she gathers herself and starts clapping in excitement. Tim walks over to her and kisses her. His lips now looked like they were stained with blackberries. Once the meet and greet was over, everyone sat down for dinner.

“Babe, did you have any idea this was happening?” Tim asks Ashley.

Ashley laughs.

“Hells no!! I thought it was just the four of us.”

The first two courses flowed effortlessly. Guests ate and chatted amongst each other. Tim and I went outside after the main course to smoke cigars.

“Did you see Ashley’s face? I hope the photographer got her reaction.”

I exhaled a vanilla-scented cloud of smoke. “I hope so. All I could see was the flash at one point.”

“I’m so glad I gave you the ring to hold. My nerves are so damn bad man…”

I put my hand on Tim’s shoulder.

“Breathe dude, breathe. Shake off the nerves, grab a shot or four at the bar, and make it happen.”

We finished our cigars and go back into the room. I noticed that Susan had moved into Tim’s seat and was having what appeared to be a deep conversation with Ashley. Once we approached our seats, Susan moved, and the dessert course came out.

Everyone’s having a good time when Ashley suddenly stands up.

“I want to thank everyone for coming. I’m truly at a loss of words…”

Before she could finish, Tim had stood up next to Ashley. This may not go as expected.



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