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Self-Doubt is a Rabbit Hole to Self-Sabotage

The Recovering Pessimist: Self-Doubt is a Rabbit Hole to Self-Sabotage. -- Stop comparing yourself to others. You're doing more harm than good. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistCan I be completely honest with you?

Blogging is stressful. I’ve spent so much time living in my head, asking myself the same things over and over and over again.

Why aren’t my views higher?

Why aren’t people commenting?

Do readers think I’m boring?

What am I doing wrong?

Are my posts too short?

Self-doubt really screwed with my confidence as a blogger. I knew someone out there would understand what I was blogging about. Yet, a teeny, tiny part of me just couldn’t resist the urge to compare myself to other bloggers.

Fast forward to the #createlounge Twitter chat 9.9.15 on self-doubt. This chat topic was right on time for me. Kayla, the awesome moderator, asked a question that inspired this blog post:

Answering this question wasn’t an issue, considering self-doubt and I have battled each other for years.

Devoting time and energy running a race that’s all in your head isn’t getting you any closer to your goals. You’re doing yourself such a HUGE disservice.

[bctt tweet=”Stop comparing yourself to everyone else. Pay attention to your own journey.”]

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