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The Complexities of Life

Disconnect from Chaos

Folks are drawn to chaos like moths to a damn flame. Drama and shenanigans join forces to create this overwhelming emotional wildfire that gets folks going. Tickles their fancies. They thrive off of it.

Chaotic people will drain you of your time and energy. They leave their issues on your doorstep expecting you to solve them. It’s exhausting. I remember telling people that I don’t want to hear about the same issues over and over again because they have no intention of resolving their issues.

Why? Resolving their issues would end the chaos that they love.

You know what else would end the chaos?

Disconnecting yourself from the chaos. This can be done in two ways:

  1. Have a conversation with the chaotic person. Let them know that you want them in your life (assuming you want to keep them in your life), but you want NO parts of the madness they thrive off of.
  2. Cut the person from your life. I’ve done this after I had the conversation and the person continued to bring their mess to my doorstep. I’m only going to tell you one time. If you do it again, it’s over.

Neither option is easy, but peace of mind is worth it.

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