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Negative Nancy & the Olympics

The 2012 Olympics have just ended. While I enjoyed hearing fun facts about the athletes, I didn’t enjoy hearing the negative tidbits. Case in point: Gabby Douglas. This young lady competed with an infectious smile on her face. Watching warmed my normally frigid heart.

Clearly, the warm and fuzzy feeling wasn’t enough for some.

I  was watching a popular morning TV show while getting ready to go out. The hosts were talking about the highlights of one of the events Gabby competed in. They were amazed at how Gabby seemed to move so effortlessly. Sounds awesome right? It was. In that same segment, the same TV hosts, then decided to talk about Gabby’s parents and their financial struggles.

What a way to kill a good mood.

Was that necessary? Heck no. On the other hand, people (including the media) like to build you up just to tear you down. It’s so true. Today, you’re awesome. Tomorrow, the whole world knows about your scandalous past, which has nothing to do with the accomplishments that were celebrated.

Negative Nancy is everywhere. I’m convinced that there’s a dark, rainy cloud that follows these bitter folks everywhere they go. It’s sad. All that energy used for negativity could be used to, I don’t know, get your own life together perhaps?

Just some food for thought.

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