The Complexities of Life

Baffles of Life: Baby On Board Signs

"Baby On Board!" Replaces Pulp Stick...
“Baby On Board!” Replaces Pulp Sticker…The Circle of Life (Photo credit: Steve and Sara)

I need help.

There are things in life that I don’t understand. Buying milk and cheese during a snowstorm, chasing tornadoes, and the most baffling one of all, Baby On Board signs.

Yes, Baby On Board signs. Remember those “I Love the…” decade shows that used to air on VH1? These signs were featured on one of those shows. Unfortunately, I remember it well. Yet another black eye in pop culture.

I don’t understand the purpose of them. As a driver, does that mean that I’m supposed to pretend that your car is surrounded by a bubble that cannot be harmed by fellow drivers? Am I expected to start speaking baby babble when I drive past you? Or am I to forgive you driving 55 on the interstate when everyone is doing 75?

Help me understand?!

Make these signs go away!!

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