Story Time

#XD30- Chapter 12-Confessional

That damn Yelena! Ugh! Now Ashley’s looking at me, ready to attack.

“Feel free to answer her anytime today Susan. ”

She is livid. I glance at Yelena. She’s twisting gum around her finger. I’m fighting the urge to connect my fist with her moon face.

“He doesn’t know…Yelena,” I mutter through clenched teeth.

The drive back to the condo was silently tense. I get Yelena settled in her room while Ashley proceeds to pace in the living room.

“Susan, I’m sorry,” Yelena says, making her best attempt to be sorry.

I say nothing and walk out of the room. Fighting an onset of nausea, I grab a ginger ale and prepare to walk into battle.

“Two months ago, Derek and I threw that Halloween party that you couldn’t attend. As former costumes, Derek and Nick decided to go as each other.”

Ashley taps her feet. Her lack of patience is showing.

“Quite a few games of beer pong and shots of tequila later, I pass out in the bedroom. I don’t know what time Derek passed out next to me, but I do know at some point, we had sex.”

Ashley sighs.

“I rolled over the next morning to face Derek and saw an armful of tattoos that weren’t there the night before.”

I dry heave. I hate being pregnant. Yelena runs out of her room and comes over with a paper grocery bag.


“Continue,” Ashley demands.

“At that moment, I realized not only had I slept with Derek’s twin brother, but we didn’t use condoms. For the record, we’ve been tested and are fine.”

Yelena coughs. Annoyed, Ashley turns in her direction.

“Did she cover everything?”


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