The Complexities of Life

Tales from the ER

Hospital (Photo credit: Ralf Heß)

Sharp chest pains this morning had me stuck and panicked on the side of the toilet. After about 45 seconds, the pains went away. I got ready and headed out to work. Got to work and I felt “off”. Physically, I was there but mentally I was in space. Once I cleared the brain fog, I left work en route to the hospital. Once it was confirmed that I wasn’t having a heart attack or a stroke, I decided to take some notes to keep myself entertained. Enjoy!

– Putting on a brave face when I’m an emotional wreck. I hate crying. I need a beer. Beer makes everything better.

– Sharing a room with two annoying individuals disputing a $8 charge on a phone bill. Sir, a roaming signal doesn’t mean that the phone is off, your signal sucks.

– If the Universe is trying to tell me something, I need to know what it is.

– Will they charge me for water?

– Why is the bathroom so far away?

– Why is the door open? This curtain/sheet thingy isn’t providing any kind of privacy. Lemme go shut the door.

– He better not ask me to use my phone.

– Chest pains will get you out of the waiting room QUICK!

– How much is this going to cost me?

– Did she say I was being discharged? Is anything wrong with me? Where is the doctor?

– I got all comfy in this robe. Too bad I can’t wear this out to my car. Guess I should put my clothes on. Ugh!

It’s either laugh or cry. I cried enough for the entire waiting room so laugh it is!

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