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    Sorry (Not Sorry)


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    On Season 3, Episode 8 of “Mary Mary”, Teddy informs his sister-in-law Erica that he doesn’t feel a need to hide out of shame because he had multiple affairs. Yes, multiple affairs.

    My first thought upon watching that scene was that there isn’t enough prayer and/or scripture in the world to help me see past Teddy’s bullshit. I don’t think that Teddy is truly sorry for the affairs.

    Watching him explain to Erica that he wanted to fight for his marriage had me rolling my eyes. There was no sincerity on his face whatsoever. I understand that some people don’t show emotions, but this ain’t the case.

    What exactly is Teddy sorry for?

    It damn sure isn’t those affairs. I don’t feel that he’s sorry for the multiple affairs he’s had. Case in point, if he was sorry about the affairs he was having, he wouldn’t have had multiple affairs.

    It’s not the affairs that Teddy is sorry for. Teddy is sorry that he got caught. More specifically, he’s apologizing because his infidelities have become public knowledge.

    An apology means absolutely nothing if it isn’t genuine. A lot of times, someone will apologize solely to save face. Make the other party feel that their apology is┬ásincere when in reality, they don’t give a damn if their actions are hurtful.

    What you hear doesn’t necessarily have the same meaning as the sender intended. You hear “I’m sorry for hurting you” when in actuality you’re hearing “I’m sorry for embarrassing you but not sorry for the specific things I did to hurt you.”

    It takes two to care, remember?

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    Updated August 16 ,2016

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    Marathon Weekends

    The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989
    The cast of The Cosby Show in 1989 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Get your mind out of the gutter. I’m talking about TV series marathons. If I have no plans for the weekend, I am perfectly comfortable chillaxing and watching whatever TV series marathon is on. Usually it’s “Law and Order” something or my all time fave, “The Cosby Show”.

    How do you spend your weekends when you don’t have plans?

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