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The Complexities of Life

My Pandemic Reflections

2020 was a hot mess express. We witnessed the cleaning/paper product version of The Hunger Games, being at home more than usual, and becoming (un)comfortable with wearing masks. Oh, and there was figuring out how to keep ourselves entertained when outside wasn’t an option.

After a year of living in the Upside Down, I wanted to share a few thoughts. But before I start, I have some fantastic news to share with you:

Ya girl is fully vaccinated!! #PokedByPfizer



While living in the Upside Down, I’ve gained an appreciation for some things & learned a lil’ somethin’ somethin’ too. And since sharing is caring, here we go:

What I Appreciate
  • Wearing a mask
    • I haven’t been sick in over a year.
  • Starbucks Iced Brown Sugar Oatmilk Shaken Espresso
    • One of the highlights of the Upside Down was the release of this drink. It’s delicious, but it’s REALLY good with 2 pumps of simple syrup. It cuts out the blandness of the oat milk just enough to be a bit sweet & also brings out the brown sugar of the drink.
  • Houseplants
    • Buying houseplants lifted my spirits when we weren’t able to go many places. They also added pizazz to my home. Total win-win.
  • Teleworking
    • Being able to work from home is a true blessing. There’s nothing like wearing comfy loungewear and listening to audiobooks and podcasts in peace.
What I’ve Learned
  • Wear it now
    • Pre-2020, I had a few items that I rarely wore because either I was saving them for a certain occasion or, I didn’t have the right items to make an outfit. Nowadays, I don’t care. I’m wearing the sequin sneakers with the sweatpants.
  • Listen to myself
    • When my body wants to rest, I rest. When my intuition warns me, I pay attention. Fighting against myself doesn’t work. It just makes things worse.


Now that things are opening up, I’m looking forward to spending time outside…cautiously. What have you learned and/or appreciated from the pandemic? I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time,





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