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This year, I’ve been working on a lot of goals. Many of these goals need a lot of research to make the goals a reality. Not bad right? I filled up notebooks, created many Pinterest boards, and created Evernote stacks to keep it all (somewhat) organized.

You might not think that’s a bad thing. And I understand why you might feel that way. But trust me, it is. And here’s why:

The Recovering Pessimist: Stay In YOUR Lane -- There's SO much information out there & a lot of it won't apply to you. That's okay. Be critical of the information you absorb. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimist

I ended up worse off than I was when I began. Something had to be done and it had to be done soon. I needed to rid myself of the source(s) of my overwhelm/stress. It began with the newsletters. At one point, I had 15 newsletters subscriptions.  Why? I subscribed to many of them after seeing a post that caught my eye on social media. I figured if one post was this good, why not subscribe for more posts like this?

Sounds okay, right?



Some of the newsletters were too niche-based, which isn’t something that I can relate to. Others were aimed towards those who were at a different stage than I was. I ended up deleting more newsletters emails than I kept for future reference. No need to have my inbox clogged up by emails that aren’t useful.

Little Rascals/
Little Rascals/

Fixing this hot mess express took two steps:

  1. I went through my inbox and unsubscribed from about 55% of the newsletters. Not only is my inbox lighter but my nerves are much calmer. Everyone doesn’t belong in my inbox and that’s what let to the next step.
  2. I became more critical about the information I come across. Instead of subscribing to the newsletter and/or saving the information, I ask myself (sometimes several times) if this information is really useful to me?

Once I applied these two steps to my inbox, I realized how these steps also relate to life. Sometimes you have to weed through all the noise that’s around you to get to what really matters to you.

[bctt tweet=”What works for many isn’t always going to work for me, no matter how good it sounds. And that’s okay.” username=”MsWalton”]

It’s as simple as that.

Until next time,






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