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Stand Your Ground

Stand Your Ground--Don't allow your fear of what others think keep you silent.| When I was in undergrad, I took a course on business psychology. Of all the topics the course covered, the most interesting one to me was groupthink.

In a groupthink situation, problems and/or issues are handled as a group. The outcome is agreed to by all members of the group, even if group members don’t necessarily agree.

But why would someone want to just go with the group when they know the solution isn’t the best?

The answer: Fear.

Going against the grain, even if your thoughts and/or ideas are good, can be frightening. There’s a fear of being isolated by the group, which can lead to tension. If the environment is already full of tension, why add more by going against the group?

The answer: Because you need to stand your ground.

Sacrificing your thoughts and/or feelings for those of the majority can be extremely uncomfortable. But you know what’ seven more uncomfortable? Being miserable because you didn’t stand your ground.  Is going with the group worth it?  Absolutely not.

[bctt tweet=”If standing your ground means you stand alone, so be it. “]

Your thoughts, feelings, and creativity are yours. Nobody can take them from you. Don’t let fear allow you to be miserable. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand your ground.

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