The Complexities of Life

Randomness: Thank You Besties

You got my back and I got yours. A quiet understanding amongst ladies who met over a decade ago in fifth grade. I cannot remember the first time we met, but since that day, we’ve been tight like spandex. These two ladies are my crew, my sisters from other ma’ams and misters, and in case you haven’t caught on, a large part of my life.

We’ve matured into awesome women with our inner children still intact. Major life events occurred and we’ve been there, oftentimes as quiet support. Just to let the other know that we’re here. insert b-boy stance here That’s what we do, yo, haha!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you both for being in my corner. Always telling the truth even when it hurt like a stab wound to hear it. Now before I get all teary eyed and whatever, let me finish by saying something so simple yet so profound.

Thank you.


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