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My Favorite Fall Home Scent

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In past years, I was obsessed with Mahogany Leather by Bath and Body Works. It smelled like a man’s leather jacket. As soon as I declared my love for it, the scent was discontinued insert angry face here.

Just when I had given up, Glade  restored my obsession with Woodside Library.

If anyone is familiar with Mahogany Leather by Bath & Body Works, Woodside Library is a close match. It smells sooo good! Perfect for someone who loves fall but don’t always want to smell pumpkin spice and/or apples. Woodside Library comes in a spray, candle, wax melts, and scented oil warmer.

For my frugal folks, there are plenty of coupons online and in Sunday papers for Glade products. Save yourself some money while you’re buying fall smells goods.

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post. All opinions are my own. Products mentioned were purchased with my own funds.

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