The Complexities of Life

In ___________ I Trust

Yesterday on Twitter, @MissJia posted an interesting question to her timeline.

Assuming you are Christian: person runs for president and represents everything you’d hope for in a commander. But he’s atheist. Thoughts?

The responses ranged from your standard “yes”, “no”, “maybe” to deeper responses based on the concept of faith verses facts. This is where the water gets muddy. For many, life decisions are rooted deeply in faith. Okay, that’s what works for them. For me, I tend to make decisions based on fact and  I expect the candidate I vote for to do the same.

My response to @MissJia :

@MissJia Why not vote for him? Some “Christians” are only Christians in title. His decisions should be based on facts, not faith.

Before you break out the pitchforks and protests, allow me to explain. Some people are only Christians when it’s convenient for them.  There’s nothing I despise more than a bandwagon supporter. For all you know, the person you have known your entire life is an atheist. Does that mean that you will stop being his/her friend? We don’t have to like it, but we need to respect  it. We are all entitled to our opinions right?

Be inspired.