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    Public Service Announcement: Living a Life of Public Access

    People are doing way too much on social media. Any given day, I can log into my social media accounts and read status updates about cheating, divorce, last night’s date, random itching, etc.

    Yes, random itching.

    What’s even worse is that they’re over sharing with no consideration of the possible backlash. There’s absolutely no way that they’re considering any sort of backlash because they’re just out. Social media is the new public access TV. Millions of people have access to it and status updates can go viral in seconds.

    People are watching and taking notes. Don’t allow yourself to become blinded by the share button. Once you post that information out there for the world to see, it’s a wrap. You can delete it, but that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t already captured it in a screenshot or some other method.

    Is that post about last night’s date that left you randomly itching really worth it?

    Me thinks not.

  • The Complexities of Life

    Fragmented Inspiration

    Inspiration is fickle for me. It’s difficult for me to sit down and think of something to write about. It never works that way. It makes it really hard to plan blog posts ahead of schedule when my blog is mostly based on inspiration.

    I could be watching a television show and a quote could really stand out similar to what happened in Ornamental Relationships. Or I could be engrossed in a conversation via Twitter about crappy dates and The Red Lobster Date evolves.

    Oh, and let’s not forget the times where I just get a fragment of a thought. That’s the worse. The fragment may not ever see completion. Until then, those little nuggets of potential awesomeness just sit in my notebook, phone, and/or laptop, patiently waiting for their moment.

    Then you have the moments when inspiration hits and you have NOTHING available to record it. This always happens to me while I’m in the shower or driving.  I end up having to repeat it out loud until I can record the thought(s).

    Trying to recapture lost inspiration is impossible and if I happen to grab a piece of it, it’s never the same as the first go around. Finally, I stockpiled my bathroom and car with Post-it notes are a tremendous help. No more forgotten moments over here.

    My fellow creatives, how does inspiration come to you? Is it easy for you to sit down and create? Or do you need to live and allow inspiration to come to you? Leave a comment so we can discuss.


  • The Complexities of Life

    Fuck It!

    Absolutely nothing I’ve accomplished in my life came by playing it safe.

    I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my life so far. I graduated college, got a good job, and moved into my dream apartment. As I checked each accomplishment off my list, I got comfortable and stopped adding goals to my list. I slowly lost touch with my ambitious side.

    Fear told ambition to “step aside”.

    Comfort is my worst enemy. Once comfort and fear set in, it becomes so difficult to escape their cold grip. I eventually became unhappy with my job.  Looking for a new job was frightening. Of the many, many jobs I found, there were a couple of positions I should have applied for. These positions were out of my comfort zone, which was good…and bad. I need to be shaken up, however, learning new skills after honing my existing skills for a decade was frightening.

    What did I end up doing? I didn’t apply for any of the jobs. I was too scared to at least apply and  I’m still pissed at myself.  I was too scared to step on that ledge and take a risk.

    That was my first wake up moment.

    The second wake up moment came when I ran across the below video on Twitter. Ice T explains that in order for you to get where you want to be in life, sometimes you just have to say “F-ck It” and just take that risk. The situation can go one of two ways. You can fall on your face OR you can be successful. Isn’t that worth stepping on the ledge?

    Hell yeah.

  • Story Time

    #XD30 Summer Writing Challenge

    “Summer Love” is the theme for the 2013 #XD30 Writing Challenge. From June 1 to June 30, participants are required to write a short story (or series of stories) consisting of at least 250 words daily.

    Disclaimer: Participants are NOT allowed to pre-write their stories. Stories are to be written once you hunker down to write.

    Please note that the theme is subject to the participant’s interpretation. You don’t have to write about the sunny side of love all month long. Let the warmth of the sun bless you with a wicked sense of creativity.

    The title of the stories must be formatted as the following:

    #XD30-Day (however you want to format the day)-Title of Your Chapter

    An example: #XD30-Day 1-Love in Headphones

    Participants may share their stories using the platform of their choice as long as they share using the hashtag #XD30 via Twitter.

    This is going to be all kinds of fun!

  • The Complexities of Life

    Coming to Terms with Fate

    Fate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    I’m coming to terms with the fact that I am not (always) in control. It’s especially hard because I don’t care for surprises. Oh well. Fighting Fate is pointless. I see it like this: Fate has had a blueprint for my life (events, moments, etc) that’s been in the works since 1982.

    What if I unknowingly deviated from the blueprint? Does Fate has some sort of…GPS-like option that re-routes (similar to the totally awesome Allstate commercial)? Seriously, how dope would it be if this really existed? Let’s analyze this. If I deviate from some aspect of my blueprint, does Fate intervene by editing the entire blueprint? Or, does Fate edit that particular aspect  of the blueprint I deviated from?

    Part One of the theory. I’m dating this guy. All is well between us. Neither party intended for the relationship to progress to something more serious, but we rolled with it. Fate, on the other hand, knows that this isn’t in my blueprint but edits it to include a long-term relationship with this guy.

    Stand by for Part Two.

    I’m dating the same guy. Things are going great. Seriously, everything is awesomesauce and then the sh!t hits the fan. Phone calls and text messages go unanswered. He unfriends me on Facebook and blocks me on Twitter. Fate was in the background, hoping we would break up on our own.  When that didn’t happen, Fate put the brakes on the relationship.

    Sounds far-fetched? Perhaps. There are reasons why things that WE plan never go the way WE plan them. Allow that to marinate.

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    Beyond the Comfort Zone

    English: Ice-T near the Meat Packing District ...
    English: Ice-T near the Meat Packing District in Manhattan on set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Confession: I’m afraid of becoming comfortable.

    My life is good at this point. I’m happy and I’m healthy. For many, this is enough. Yes, I’m grateful for what I am blessed with but I’m always looking to make things better. Moments of struggle have taught me to always have a backup just in case. I don’t like to get comfortable. I prefer to keep at least three toes outside of the comfort zone.

    Fast forward to this morning.

    I ran across the below video on Twitter. In the video, Ice -T talks about going beyond your comfort  zone by saying “fuck it”. With all things, taking risks can be both good and bad. The outcome is not known until you say “fuck it” and try. I have the utmost respect for Ice-T because he has lived what he speaks about.

    I can’t afford to play this life I’ve been given safe. Can you?

  • The Complexities of Life

    Overly Invested

    Early yesterday, my Twitter timeline was up in arms. Why? Allegedly, Jessica Simpson is pregnant again. Yes, word on the playground is that she’s pregnant after giving birth to her daughter seven months ago. I don’t understand why it’s so…shocking. It happens. In this case, she’s a Weight Watchers spokeswoman. The general consensus on my timeline was that if she’s indeed pregnant, how does the pregnancy affect her contract with Weight Watchers?

    What I don’t understand is why everyone cares so much. I mean, folks were all up in their feelings about it. Worrying about it like it’s their contract and their money. Mad as hell over something that’s irrelevant to their daily lives.  It’s ridiculous.

    Jessica Simpson
    Jessica Simpson (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    People have become overly invested in the lives of strangers. These strangers don’t know them nor would they give a damn about their existence if they did know them. That doesn’t stop the ridiculous levels of investment that people put into the lives of others. In the case of Simpson, she has the means to provide for her family.What’s going on in your life? What’s in your bank account?

    There are relevant issues to be invested in other than her wealthy uterus. Yes her uterus is very, very rich ladies and gentlemen. Her worries and concerns are not your worries and concerns. She don’t know you. Hell, you don’t know her. I’m sure you can channel all of that interest into your own life and do a little self improvement.

    Your life will thank you for it.

    • Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant AGAIN!! (mix965houston.cbslocal.com)
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    #XD31 Days of Gratitude December Writing Challenge

    One of my favorite people on Twitter, XD, proposed the #XD31 Days of Gratitude December Writing Challenge to his followers. Starting Dec 1, participants  will be writing to simply give thanks and show gratitude to someone/something. Use the hashtag #XD31 so others can follow along and possibly get inspired.

    Write on.


    Updated June 21, 2016

  • The Complexities of Life

    In ___________ I Trust

    Yesterday on Twitter, @MissJia posted an interesting question to her timeline.

    Assuming you are Christian: person runs for president and represents everything you’d hope for in a commander. But he’s atheist. Thoughts?

    The responses ranged from your standard “yes”, “no”, “maybe” to deeper responses based on the concept of faith verses facts. This is where the water gets muddy. For many, life decisions are rooted deeply in faith. Okay, that’s what works for them. For me, I tend to make decisions based on fact and  I expect the candidate I vote for to do the same.

    My response to @MissJia :

    @MissJia Why not vote for him? Some “Christians” are only Christians in title. His decisions should be based on facts, not faith.

    Before you break out the pitchforks and protests, allow me to explain. Some people are only Christians when it’s convenient for them.  There’s nothing I despise more than a bandwagon supporter. For all you know, the person you have known your entire life is an atheist. Does that mean that you will stop being his/her friend? We don’t have to like it, but we need to respect  it. We are all entitled to our opinions right?

    Be inspired.

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