The Complexities of Life

Get Fed Up & Get Off Your A*!

The Recovering Pessimist: When Are YOU Gonna Get Fed Up? In the past, I had so many goals and I got overwhelmed with the execution. So instead of breaking down those goals into smaller steps, I got comfortable in my discomfort.

Looking back, I’m so disgusted with myself for wasting so much time doing absolutely nothing. I sorta got my act together towards the last quarter of 2014, which was when I wrote about what I was thankful for in 2014. That momentum was at the helm when I started planning my goals for 2015.

So many things had irritated me in 2014 that I could no longer sit comfortably in my discomfort. I created my theme for 2015 and I’m sticking to it. The moment I switched my mindset, I got rid of so much dead weight. I like to believe that when you get so fed up with your situation, but you don’t change it for whatever reason, the Universe has a way of forcing your hand.

[bctt tweet=”Sometimes you have to become so uncomfortable with your situation that you have to make changes.”]

I want you to get fed up. Get upset, annoyed, pissed off, whatever it takes for you to throw your hands up and get off your ass. Your dreams and goals depend on it.

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