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The Complexities of Life

Consistency in 2021

Happy New Year!

Can we talk for a bit? I won’t keep you long. Feel free to pull up a chair. Snacks are optional.

2020 was chaotic as hell. When I just didn’t feel like blogging, journaling, exercising, etc., I didn’t do it. Instead of pushing myself to get things done, I gave myself some much-needed grace. When I was brainstorming my 2021 theme, one word came to mind:


I feel good when I’m working on my goals, hobbies, wellness on a regular basis. It gets no simpler than that. To make sure I’m consistent, I created some weekly goals to exercise and journal. I’m also posting new blog posts here every Monday (Wednesdays are for Wisdom Wednesday).

It feels so good to get back to me!

Do you have a theme for 2021? If yes, what is it? What inspired your theme?

Until next time,


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