The Complexities of Life

Emotionally Cleansing Tears

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Tears are emotionally cleansing. When I’m worried about something, my soul feels burdened. Stress develops myself out to the point where my body starts to physically react.

Oh and let’s talk about the anxiety. My stomach tightens, its grip unrelenting. I have no appetite, my heartbeat races, and I can’t sleep. An overall lack of focus keeps me from paying attention to the world around me.

All I can focus on are the burdens.

At some point, the stress and anxiety becomes too much. Panic sets in,. Breathing labored, I feel like I have nowhere to run. Tears race down my face.  Gathering at my chin, stress and anxiety fall one by one. Anxiety releases its grip, my heartbeat normalizes, and I sleep.

In that moment, I get a sense of clarity. Burdens dissipate and I’m relieved.

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