The Complexities of Life

Coming to Terms with Fate

Fate (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’m coming to terms with the fact that I am not (always) in control. It’s especially hard because I don’t care for surprises. Oh well. Fighting Fate is pointless. I see it like this: Fate has had a blueprint for my life (events, moments, etc) that’s been in the works since 1982.

What if I unknowingly deviated from the blueprint? Does Fate has some sort of…GPS-like option that re-routes (similar to the totally awesome Allstate commercial)? Seriously, how dope would it be if this really existed? Let’s analyze this. If I deviate from some aspect of my blueprint, does Fate intervene by editing the entire blueprint? Or, does Fate edit that particular aspect  of the blueprint I deviated from?

Part One of the theory. I’m dating this guy. All is well between us. Neither party intended for the relationship to progress to something more serious, but we rolled with it. Fate, on the other hand, knows that this isn’t in my blueprint but edits it to include a long-term relationship with this guy.

Stand by for Part Two.

I’m dating the same guy. Things are going great. Seriously, everything is awesomesauce and then the sh!t hits the fan. Phone calls and text messages go unanswered. He unfriends me on Facebook and blocks me on Twitter. Fate was in the background, hoping we would break up on our own.  When that didn’t happen, Fate put the brakes on the relationship.

Sounds far-fetched? Perhaps. There are reasons why things that WE plan never go the way WE plan them. Allow that to marinate.


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