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Gold Star Entitlement



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That was on the license plate of a vehicle I was driving behind.

My immediate thought was why do people feel as though they are entitled to special recognition for doing their job?

In kindergarten, my teacher gave students stickers (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) based on their behavior that day. If you behaved, you got a gold star. If your behavior was less than stellar, you got a silver star, bronze star, or no star. That system motivated students to be on their best behavior.

This system doesn’t apply to the real world.

You don’t expect to receive a gold star for coming to work every day. If you want to continue to keep your lights on, you’ll come to work. There are no hand claps for paying rent/mortgage on time. No pats on the back for putting gas in your car before the gas light comes on.

These things are done because it’s necessary. Stop seeking recognition for doing what’s necessary.

Get Your Ass(ets) Out of the Nest!!!!!


Nothing wrong with a swift kick to get you moving.

Confession: I’m scared of becoming too comfortable.

I’m scared of becoming one of those people who has had the same job for 20+ years. With no desire to attain new skills to move up the totem pole, they just exist in their cubicles. Patiently awaiting the day when they can submit their paperwork for retirement.

No thank you, I’ll pass on.

I crave new knowledge. When I feel like I’m getting too used to doing something, I don’t put in the same effort that I once did. I feel like a hamster running on the wheel to nowhere.

For example, if I get a new job, I’ll stick with it for at least a year. Twelve months may not seem that long, but I can learn more in a year than some folks that have been in the same position for years. Eventually, I’ll get the itch to move on and I start plotting on my next move.

Life is too short for us to sit around, stifling our dreams while sitting comfortably in the nest. That’s not good enough. In nature, a baby bird learns to fly by being nudged out of the nest. Their wings may not be strong enough at first, so they keep trying. After several failed attempts, they soar.

When are you jumping out of the nest?

Wanted: Ideal Job

NFL Referee

NFL Referee (Photo credit: Football Schedule)

If you didn’t have to be concerned about money or expertise, what you be your ideal job?

I’m a huge football fan. I love everything about the game, specifically the referees. There’s a lot of responsibility in that role. Plus, I think referees are cool. In preparation for next season, I’m going to familiarize myself with the signals I don’t know, ha!

Thankful: New Management #XD31

What makes a happy vs. sad, disengaged worker

What makes a happy vs. sad, disengaged worker (Photo credit: citrixonline)

I recently started a new job. After working in a strict environment for so long, it’s taking a while to get used to having the restraints removed, so to speak.  Chillaxed (chill + relaxed) would be the word I would use to describe my current job. No more high blood pressure, irritation, stress, etc. Mellow.

Life has a way of blessing you with the unexpected, whether it is good or bad. Thank you to the Universe and Sweet Baby Jesus for being on the lookout.

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