Story Time

#XD30-Chapter 16-$50,000 Sigh of Relief

It’s crazy how fast the past three months have flown by. Susan is currently 20 weeks along and last week we found out we are having a girl. She finally decided to slow down with work and relax. I’m fighting the urge to fill this condo with all baby everything.

“I would soooooo love a foot massage right now,” Susan asks, wiggling her toes on the sofa.

“Coming!” I respond, grabbing the bowl of fruit salad.

As I rub her feet, I see that my notification light on the phone is blinking. I glance at Susan. Head turned to the side, she’s dozing off. Definitely doesn’t take much these days. I stop massaging and check my phone. It’s an email from Nick.

Paperwork has been signed.

I breathe a sigh of relief. Guess it was loud because Susan starts to stir. I put the phone down.

“Just because I’m sleeping doesn’t mean you stop rubbing,” she mumbles.

I laugh. She never skips a beat.

“Are you hungry? I made a fruit salad with mint and balsamic vinegar.”

Susan’s eyes light up.

“We’re always hungry, however, I need to pee first,” she announces, sitting up.

I watch her walk down the hall out of sight before I sneak a few bites of salad. Not too bad for someone who can’t boil water.  I hear the door open and quickly put the bowl back on the coffee table. Susan shuffles back into the living room. She’s rubbing her temples.

“These sonofabitch headaches suck! I hate them more than dizziness, leg cramps, and heartburn combined.”

“I’ll grab a lavender eye pillow from the bathroom.”

“Ahhhh love, thank you! I wouldn’t want to be having a baby with anyone else,” she exclaims, kissing me on the cheek. The faint smell of coconut tickles my nose.

I grab my phone and continue reading.

Being $50,000 richer feels mighty good. Thanks.

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