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The Recovering Pessimist: Why I Write

During the week, I was brainstorming ideas for today’s post. I checked the drafts, but didn’t like anything that I wrote. Watched TV for a bit, didn’t feel too inspired. Once again, inspiration struck while I was washing dishes.

Why do you write?

The question was so random that I dropped the dish in the sink and ran to write the question down. Now, without further adieu, this is why I write:

  1. I want to share the lessons I learned with others so that hopefully they don’t have to feel the heartache and pain that I did. If you can dodge the bullet, dodge it.

  2. Applying fingers to keyboard (or pen to paper) removes the chaos in my mind so that I can sort it out and focus.

  3. I’m inspired. When inspiration strikes, I have to write about it. What comes of that inspiration amazes me at times.

  4. I want to express the emotions that I don’t often express personally. I’m not a sensitive person, so I prefer to write stories that trigger the reader’s sensitive side. Which would explain why so many of my stories are slightly sad.

These are a few reasons I can think of off top of why I write. If you’re a writer, tell me why do you write?

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