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Turning 30 & the “Switch”

The Recovering Pessimist: Turning 30 & "The Switch" -- The best thing about turning 30 is that I don't care about people's expectations anymore. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistAs I celebrate the 34th birthday this week, I wanted to reflect on the third decade of my life so far. I’m having way more fun at this phase of my life than I did in my 20s. So many things that didn’t make sense before finally made sense the morning I turned 30.

Allow me to set the scene.

People who were older than me used to always talk about how my outlook on life would change when I turned 30. I figured they were exaggerating and paid them no mind.

Fast forward to the morning of my 30th birthday, when I realized that the people in my life were dead serious. My outlook on life definitely changed. I woke up and I kid you not, I didn’t care about a damn thing.

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Now, let me be more specific. I cared about important things, such as my financial future. What I no longer cared about were the petty things such as worrying how people perceived me.  It felt so freeing to wake up and the burdens that consumed my thoughts were all gone.

[bctt tweet=”Turning 30 reassured me that I don’t anyone’s approval. My life. My rules.” username=”MsWalton”]

If you’re approaching your 30s, don’t sulk. You’re entering a decade where hopefully, life starts making sense. Embrace it. If you’re already in your 30s, did you experience “the switch”? What was it like for you? I’d love to hear from you.

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