Thank you: Richard, Redd, George & Bernie #XD31

I grew up watching comedic great such as Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx, George Carlin, and Bernie Mac. I love how sarcastically witty and hilariously offensive they were. They gave political correctness a the middle finger salute.

On the playground, I cracked “yo momma” jokes with the best of them. While everyone else was too busy trying to remain PC, I could give a rat’s ass less. My jokes sent kids to the school bus devastated.

As an adult, my slightly coughs offensive humor is heavy with sarcasm and wit. By society’s standards (who knew society had standards?), you shouldn’t laugh at 80% of what I say. Stifling laughter is bad for your soul. Throw PCness in the wind and laugh you big dummy wink.

As a lifetime fan, thank you Richard, Redd, George, and Bernie for teaching me to laugh without a care or concern.

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