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    The Complexities of Life

    Keep It To Yourself

    This post was inspired by those who have a tendency to “tell too much of the church’s business” on social media. I swear social media has turned into confessional for some folks. It reminds me of The Truman Show. So much of their lives are shared online that you start to feel that they believe social media IS their life.

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    If you’re an oversharer, regardless of the medium, come close. I want to make sure you read the following statement:

    Everyone doesn’t need to know your every move, even if it’s good.


    First, everyone on your friend’s list doesn’t always have your best interest in mind. You’re living your life, sharing your highlights and memories. Then one day, you post an update that isn’t so upbeat. For example, your relationship status went from “In A Relationship” to “Single”. What happens right after you post that update?

    The same folks on your friend’s list start speculating. You then feel a way about folks being in your business. Then again, nobody would be in your business if you didn’t share your business.

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    In the end, your well-being is worth more than likes.

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  • The Complexities of Life

    A Renegade in an Eggshell Society

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    I never understood how sensitive people were until I took a look at my Facebook timeline. So many people posting their life stories for the masses to read and comment on. The comments section is where the sensitivity lies.

    If you’re going to post about your cheating mate, understand that not everyone is going to offer you tissues and hugs. ESPECIALLY if this mate has a history of cheating and you have a track record of taking them back.

    Nope, not gonna happen here.

    What I am going to tell you in the comment section is that you look extremely stupid telling your friends that once again, he/she has cheated on you and once again, you took them back. Perhaps you should look within to figure out why your self-esteem is so very low.

    Over-sharing parental units, you’re next.

    I get that you’re proud of your children, however, I don’t need to see 45 posts of your children’s actions from the time they wake up until they go to bed. Then you follow-up by saying that you couldn’t get anything done that day. Of course you couldn’t get anything done insert eye roll here.

    If I comment that if you put the phone down and I don’t know, tried to do something that day, you’d be surprised at how much you could get done. Makes sense right? Evidently not, because I get the following responses:

    You’re rude.

    You don’t have children, so you shouldn’t comment.

    That’s where you’re wrong.  I’m going to comment because you put it on your timeline, which gives me the green light to comment. I understand that some people are (overly) sensitive, but there’s no reason to get in your feelings every time someone disagrees with you.

    If it bothers you that much, stay off of social media.


    A renegade in an eggshell society








  • Public Service Announcement,  The Complexities of Life

    Public Service Announcement: Living a Life of Public Access

    People are doing way too much on social media. Any given day, I can log into my social media accounts and read status updates about cheating, divorce, last night’s date, random itching, etc.

    Yes, random itching.

    What’s even worse is that they’re over sharing with no consideration of the possible backlash. There’s absolutely no way that they’re considering any sort of backlash because they’re just out. Social media is the new public access TV. Millions of people have access to it and status updates can go viral in seconds.

    People are watching and taking notes. Don’t allow yourself to become blinded by the share button. Once you post that information out there for the world to see, it’s a wrap. You can delete it, but that doesn’t mean that someone hasn’t already captured it in a screenshot or some other method.

    Is that post about last night’s date that left you randomly itching really worth it?

    Me thinks not.

  • The Complexities of Life

    Public Commentary

    Social media has some folks sharing way too much. Moments that are best kept private are broadcasted to millions of users.

    Oversharing can easily lead to a virtual Pandora’s Box. A few friends can swell to millions within minutes. Generally speaking, people like to provide commentary whether it’s warranted or not. Social media is no different.

    So how upset can you really be when millions of people start providing commentary on what you post?

    If you refrain from putting your diary out there for millions to see, millions wouldn’t have anything to comment on.

    Simple as that.

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