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    Public Service Announcement: Clapback Season

    The Recovering Pessimist: Public Service Announcement: Clapback Season -- Don't let anyone insert their thoughts, opinions, or ideas without being asked. | www.therecoveringpessimist.me #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistThere are rules in life that are expected to be broken and there are rules in life that under no circumstances are to be broken. The biggest one being do not insert yourself where you aren’t wanted.

    Did ya’ll catch that up there in the rafters?


    I’ll repeat it.

    [bctt tweet=”Don’t insert yourself where you aren’t wanted.”]

    People have a habit of inserting themselves where they aren’t wanted. Sometimes, they don’t realize they are doing it. But there are those who are habitual offenders and don’t care that you didn’t ask for their thoughts, opinions, ideas, and so on.

    You get fed up with their antics and you may or may not be considering how to approach them. Just let your spirit speak for you. Stay with me on this. You need to meet the offender(s) in person. Turn to him/her, cock your head to the side, and with all the attitude you can muster say the following:

    WHO ASKED YOU?!?!?!

    Observe their reaction. If they react like hot grease from the stove popping them on the arm, your words got to them. Pat yourself on the back. It’s been my experience that some folk can definitely dish it, but cannot take it when it’s thrown back at them.

    Welcome to clapback season. Don’t allow people to give you their two cents when you didn’t ask for it. Put your foot down and let them know you aren’t about to put up with their shenanigans.

    It’s a new year. In with the confidence, out with the bullshit.


  • The Complexities of Life

    All I Can Be Is Me

    Image via Pinterest.

    When I was a teenager, I wanted to be part of the popular crowd. I wanted to walk down the hallways and everyone knew my name.

    Attempts to align myself with them were futile. They rejected me every time. Looking back, I’m grateful for that rejection because I realize why they were so popular.

    Tarnished reputation avoided.

    Online dating had its fair share of rejection. So many of my “I’m interested” messages were either ignored or responded with “No thanks.” Talk about a blow to the self-esteem.

    Experiencing rejection helped me realize that I’m good enough. That’s the boost my self-confidence needed.


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