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    How I’m Prepping for 2018

    The Recovering Pessimist: How I'm Prepping for 2018 -- When I sat down to prepare for 2018, I knew that I couldn't repeat everything I had done before. I can't do the same things and expect different results. This year, I switched some things up and I feel that I got it right this time. | www.therecoveringpessimist.me #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimist It’s the home stretch of 2017. One of my favorite times of the year is to sit down and start prepping for the following year (see here and here). For whatever reason, the last 60 days of the year tend to go by in a blur for me. Sitting down and preparing for the following year allows me to slow down for a bit.

    In addition to doing the things I’ve done in previous years (see here and here), the lessons I learned this year also changed the way I prep for the upcoming year.

    Creating Theme for 2018

    The theme for 2018 is the result of a moment of fed-up-ness (not an actual word, but rock with me anyway). It’s the perfect follow-up to this year’s theme of Stay Ready. It’s one of those things that I’ve struggled with for a while now. The theme alone has me super excited for the upcoming year.

    Batching Tasks

    Multitasking has been a nightmare this year. When I’m not at work, I work on a blog post while doing another blog-related task at the same time. What ends up happening is that I don’t finish either of those tasks that day and carry them over to the next day. This is a horrible use of time.

    Batching my tasks would be a good use of time management plus it would help me focus on one thing at a time which would make sure that I finish my tasks in a timely fashion. I can choose specific days for blog post writing, blog maintenance, etc. Hopefully, this will eliminate the bouts of burnout I experienced this year.

    Planning Differently

    For the past few years, I write all of my goals for the year and that’s it. I’ve ended the year not accomplishing a quarter of the goals I made. This year, I’m being more flexible with my planning by breaking my goals down into quarters. This makes things a lot less overwhelming and I’ll be more likely to actually accomplish my goals. Plus I can focus on each goal versus all of my goals as a whole.

    Taking the time the prepare for 2018 by doing these things will alleviate a lot of anxiety, burnout, and overwhelm. I look forward to whatever 2018 brings my way.

    I got this.





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    Letting Go in 2015

    Fed Up

    In the midst of planning for 2015, I came across a suggestion that people should have a theme for the year. A short word/phrase that keeps you motivated and on task for the entire year. I made a note to think about a theme for 2015 and continued with my day.

    As always, inspiration hits me in the oddest of places. While washing my hands, my subconscious whispered in my ear…


    There was my theme for 2015. Brilliant!

    For me to accomplish all the things in my mind map, I have to let go of whatever doesn’t do the following:

    • Make me happy.
    • Contribute to my goals/wants.
    • Support my values.

    Have you considered creating a theme for 2015? If so, what is it? Let’s discuss in the comments!



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    Mind Mapping with MindMeister

    I’ve started planning for 2015 in theory, but I’ve struggled with execution. Usually, I  wrote my goals, wants, and wishes down in a Word document. I forget about it as soon as I close the document. Hard to stay focused when your goals are hidden in a file.

    The other day, I read a blog post by Britni Danielle about mapping out your goals. Talk about being right on time…whew! So I grabbed an erasable pen and some printer paper and got to work.

    My original mind map. Pardon my handwriting.
    My original mind map. Pardon my handwriting.

    There’s something freeing about putting everything on paper. Not keyboard to screen, pen to paper. As much as I love being “connected”, I enjoyed actually having to write something out. I don’t do that often.

    Excited about my idea map, I texted Amber to share my glee. She sends me the link to MindMeister. It’s the online version of your DIY mind maps. Just when I thought the internet couldn’t get any better, once again, Amber proves me wrong.

    Some Highlights About MindMeister:

    • There’s a demo version. Many of the options are unavailable in the demo version unless you sign up for free.
    •  You can create up to 3 minds maps. There are also 3 paid account options (personal, pro, and business).
    • Mind maps can be exported into formats such as Word docs and  PDFs.
    • Not only is it available on web, you there’s also an app, which is available for iOS and Android!!

    I created an account and after spending about an hour playing around with the app, I created this:

    My mind map courtesy of MindMeister.
    My mind map courtesy of MindMeister.


    It’s definitely worth looking into if you want to make your mind maps look nice. If you check out MindMeister, let me know what you think!

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    Thankful: Intuition #XD31

    Intuition is the invisible flag. It sounds invisible, yet panicky alarms warning of approaching danger. Responding is optional; however, it’s in my best interest to do so. All it took was one time for me to find out what happens when I tell the alarms and the flags to cut it out.

    Complete and utter disaster.

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    Grateful: Plans B & C #XD31

    Lesson learned: Never put all of your eggs into one basket. Plan A doesn’t always work. It happens. If you didn’t already have a backup plan waiting in the wings, you’ll be left scrambling. In some cases, you may even need Plan C.

    I’m grateful for the many Plan Bs and Cs that have saved my ass from disaster. If it weren’t for them, I can’t imagine where I would be. Let me finish this before I break out in song over the goodness that are Plans B and C.

    The end.

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