• The Complexities of Life

    Gold Star Entitlement


    Image via Google Images.


    That was on the license plate of a vehicle I was driving behind.

    My immediate thought was why do people feel as though they are entitled to special recognition for doing their job?

    In kindergarten, my teacher gave students stickers (e.g., gold, silver, bronze) based on their behavior that day. If you behaved, you got a gold star. If your behavior was less than stellar, you got a silver star, bronze star, or no star. That system motivated students to be on their best behavior.

    This system doesn’t apply to the real world.

    You don’t expect to receive a gold star for coming to work every day. If you want to continue to keep your lights on, you’ll come to work. There are no hand claps for paying rent/mortgage on time. No pats on the back for putting gas in your car before the gas light comes on.

    These things are done because it’s necessary. Stop seeking recognition for doing what’s necessary.

  • The Complexities of Life

    Dating Gold Teeth

    For the record, I loathe gold teeth. The mere sight of one makes me cringe in disgust. Recently I ran across a dating profile that shook me to my core.

    5’11″hgt 175-185lbs Medium built, light skin, light brown eyes, 1 gold, 8 tattoos, very outspoken, easy going, fun to be around, very romantic, very affectionate, open minded. I love to bowl, fishing, skating, traveling, ride my motorcycle, cook, and much more.

    One gold tooth. As if ONE GOLD TOOTH is better than a mouthful. Gold teeth went out of style when New Jack City left movie theaters. In the city where I reside, gold teeth seem to be everywhere. Why? I have no idea. What I do know is that profile description turned me all the way off. Which is sad because he was cute.

    Call me vain, but I have my deal breakers. Gold teeth happen to be one of them.