The Complexities of Life

Risk Payoff

Business basics translated to everyday life.

Name a time when a risk you took paid off.

Years ago, I was hellbent on moving to this apartment community in the downtown area. Finances would keep me from applying for a few years. Meantime, I finished school and got my financial house in order.

At some point, I became annoyed with management and neighbors. I had to move NOW! I went to the community on a Sunday I believe. At that moment, I saw myself living there.

After the tour, I applied for the apartment. Granted, the rent was a little pricey, but I could swing it without being on a ramen noodle diet. At least that’s what I kept telling myself to ease my anxiety. Finally, the consultant emailed me back. Based on finances, I wasn’t eligible however, he was going to forward my application to the manager for review.

Whew! Still in the game. More anxious than ever.

A few more days pass before I get another email.

“Congratulations…” That’s all I read before I started screaming. I did it. Took a major risk with a 70/30 chance of reward and the odds worked out in my favor. After I calmed down I continued reading. My previous landlords provided great references and that got me the apartment.

Money isn’t everything, that’s for damn sure.

Three years later, and I’m a very happy resident of a really dope downtown apartment. Well worth the risk.

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