How I Remember Ideas for Blog Posts

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Ideas for blog posts tend to come out of nowhere. Emphasis on nowhere. After forgetting countless ideas, I finally have a system to record the first idea before they disappear. It’s nothing fancy, but it works for me.

Ready? Here we goooo…


  • I love, love, love Evernote! If my phone is nearby, I use my Evernote app to jot down blog ideas and/or the source of inspiration. It’s pretty awesome.

Post-it Notes

  • I literally have these in every room of my apartment and I also have them in my car. Gotta be ready when the ideas hit, then I can just stick them to whatever is nearby and come back to it later. Now that it’s back to school season, I can stockpile these things for little to no money spent.


  • When I don’t have access to Evernote or Post-it Notes, I use repetition. I repeat key aspects of the blog idea until I’m able to jot down the idea. This isn’t the most reliable part of the system, but it works.

This is my system. Again, nothing fancy. I’m always looking for more tools to add to my system. The woes of being a blogger, always on the hunt for something better, haha!


Updated September 7, 2015


  • Rose

    I absolutely LOVE post-it notes. What I discovered earlier this year is Trello – it is a great place to organize blog posts and ideas 😉 You should check it out. They even have a phone app.

    • MsWalton

      I’m slightly ashamed at the amount of post-it notes I have. I’ve heard a lot of good things about Trello. Gotta check it out. Thank you!

  • Amber

    I use the reminder app in my phone. I set the alarm for a time when I know I’ll be home, and then I can get something into a Word document and save it to my desktop.

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