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3 Things I Don’t Apologize For In My 30s

The Recovering Pessimist: 3 Things I Don't Apologize for In My 30s -- Prior to entering my 30s, I lived life according to how others wanted me to live. I cared too much about how my decisions would make others feel. Now that I'm in my 30s, I could care less about how others feel about me and my decisions. | #amwriting #optimisticpessimist #recoveringpessimistOne of the biggest things that I occurred when I entered my 30s is that I stopped caring about hurting people’s feelings. For the record, I didn’t hurt people’s feelings with the intention to be spiteful. I got tired of being concerned about how people felt when I decided not to do what was expected of me. There’s something freeing about giving deserving people the imaginary middle finger.

Here are a few of the things that I stopped apologizing for in my 30s:

 1. Being honest with my thoughts and feelings.

I have always been the person that kept their deepest thoughts and feelings to themselves. Why? Because I didn’t want to hurt people’s feelings. The problem with that is that it weighs you down. Nowadays, I release those thoughts and feelings out in a rational way. Keeping all of that in does nothing but create disaster down the road.

2. Not wasting my time.

I’ve never liked wasting my time. When I was in my 20s and younger, I wouldn’t say no to doing things that I didn’t want to do because I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. Now, I am more protective of “MY” time.

[bctt tweet=”Even when I have nothing to do, if I don’t want to hang out, go to an event, etc., I won’t.” username=”MsWalton”]

Time is too valuable to be wasted.

3. Who I am.

I’m well aware that I can come off as sarcastic, funny, and a bit of an asshole. All of these things and more make up who I am. At this point in the game, I am who I am. I’m not going to be everyone’s favorite and that’s fine.

Those are the three things I don’t apologize for in my 30s. What are some things that you aren’t apologetic for in your life? Let’s discuss in the comments and/or social media.

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