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Comfort in Gestures


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When I’m going through something, I don’t necessarily want people to help me in the verbal sense. To me, the fewer people involved the better.


Fuck It!


Absolutely nothing I’ve accomplished in my life came by playing it safe.

I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my life so far. I graduated college, got a good job, and moved into my dream apartment. As I checked each accomplishment off my list, I got comfortable and stopped adding goals to my list. I slowly lost touch with my ambitious side.

Fear told ambition to “step aside”.

Comfort is my worst enemy. Once comfort and fear set in, it becomes so difficult to escape their cold grip. I eventually became unhappy with my job.  Looking for a new job was frightening. Of the many, many jobs I found, there were a couple of positions I should have applied for. These positions were out of my comfort zone, which was good…and bad. I need to be shaken up, however, learning new skills after honing my existing skills for a decade was frightening.

What did I end up doing? I didn’t apply for any of the jobs. I was too scared to at least apply and  I’m still pissed at myself.  I was too scared to step on that ledge and take a risk.

That was my first wake up moment.

The second wake up moment came when I ran across the below video on Twitter. Ice T explains that in order for you to get where you want to be in life, sometimes you just have to say “F-ck It” and just take that risk. The situation can go one of two ways. You can fall on your face OR you can be successful. Isn’t that worth stepping on the ledge?

Hell yeah.

Get Your Ass(ets) Out of the Nest!!!!!


Nothing wrong with a swift kick to get you moving.

Confession: I’m scared of becoming too comfortable.

I’m scared of becoming one of those people who has had the same job for 20+ years. With no desire to attain new skills to move up the totem pole, they just exist in their cubicles. Patiently awaiting the day when they can submit their paperwork for retirement.

No thank you, I’ll pass on.

I crave new knowledge. When I feel like I’m getting too used to doing something, I don’t put in the same effort that I once did. I feel like a hamster running on the wheel to nowhere.

For example, if I get a new job, I’ll stick with it for at least a year. Twelve months may not seem that long, but I can learn more in a year than some folks that have been in the same position for years. Eventually, I’ll get the itch to move on and I start plotting on my next move.

Life is too short for us to sit around, stifling our dreams while sitting comfortably in the nest. That’s not good enough. In nature, a baby bird learns to fly by being nudged out of the nest. Their wings may not be strong enough at first, so they keep trying. After several failed attempts, they soar.

When are you jumping out of the nest?

Screw a Censor


Your All


Growth in Disagreement


It’s very easy to find bobbleheads in life.  They’re usually close by, nodding their heads in constant agreement with your decisions. No matter what the decision is, heads nod in agreement.

“Should I wear this really tight shirt that emphasizes my bloated stomach?”

Heads bobs in agreement

*Should I ride by his house and throw rocks at the windows?”

Heads bobs in agreement

“Perhaps I should really go tell them where they can REALLY go.”

Heads bobs in agreement

Bobbleheads don’t always have your best interest in mind. I don’t think they always intend for you to walk off the cliff. Perhaps they don’t want to hurt your feelings. That’s never a good thing. Just let me know that the idea sucks and present the idea that you had simmering while you listened to my train wreck of an idea.

Cut those bobbleheads. Embrace those who disagree with you. Seriously, befriend those who challenge you. Even though they challenge you, these people have a vision for you that is beyond what you see. They want what’s best for you. When I let started aligning myself with those who didn’t agree with my every move, I didn’t make the same stupid decisions.

I slowly became a better person.

That’s pretty awesome.

A Sister’s Touch


Oftentimes, holding hands means more than words.

My sister is my confessional.

She listens without judgment, suggests with my best interest in mind, and scolds with love. She’s awesome.

When I’m uncomfortable about anything, she reminds me why I’m doing it in the first place. That keeps me focused and calm. In circumstances when a phone call or text message doesn’t suffice, she drives 90 minutes to calm my nerves.

One of the many reasons why she’s awesomesauce.



Sweet Melody: “Because of You”-Tamia


I find myself playing Tamia’s “Because of You” when I need comforting. That song brings it all back to perspective, especially when I find myself deep in doubt and in need of reassuring.

This song takes me to church every time I listen to it.


Like Linus: The Pillow Edition


When I was a wee one, my mother made me this pale yellow patchwork pillow. Rectangular in shape with a white border, each patch had a different pattern. That pillow was my everything. I treated that pillow like it held a million gummy worms and I was gatekeeper the the sugary goodness.

I was Linus and I had no shame about it whatsoever.

The awesomeness known as Linus.

Over the years, the fabric thinned. Holes developed and the filling matted. Mommy (yes, Mommy) would give the pillow new life. She would add more fabric to cover the worn areas and added replaced the filling.

I would be in love all over again.

With kindergarten fast approaching, Mommy was on a one-woman campaign to break up my love affair. She would lovingly tell me that I was a big girl and big girls didn’t carry pillows around.

A whole day without my beloved pillow? Blasphemy!!!

I was hellbent on going to school with that comforting softness.  One time, I snuck  the pillow into my backpack so I could sleep with it at nap time. Slept like a baby with my red/blue mat, pillow, and blanket.

Alas, all good things must come to an end.

I eventually outgrew the pillow. I like to think that the comfort that the pillow provided would be the blueprint for all things comfort-related in my life. That sense of calm is beauty in a sea of chaos.

The end.

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