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What I Love About Spring

The Recovering Pessimist: What I Love About Spring. -- Spring is the gateway season to months of warm, long days. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistThe Spring Equinox of 2016 begins March 20th. As I’m writing this, I’m imagining the warm breeze on my skin and the smell of blooming flowers as I sneeze from the pollen activating my allergies.

*squeals with excitement*

In honor (yes honor) of the upcoming Spring Equinox, I wanted to share with you a few things I love about Spring.


Longer Days

Daylight Savings Time (DST) began March 13th, and you know what that brings? That’s right, LONGER DAYS!!!!! For the next six months or so, where I live it will be sunny when in the morning and sunny when I get home from work.

I feel more energetic, which boosts my productivity.

When I get home during the fall/winter, the sun is going down. My body thinks it’s time to wind down for the night, even though it’s 5-6 hours from bedtime. During spring/summer, when I get home it still looks like midday outside. So although it’s still 5-6 hours before bedtime, I have enough energy to work on side projects, do housework, etc.

Longer days = more time outdoors.

Here in #RVA, people are always out and about. More so during the warmer months. Nothing makes me happier than spending a Saturday afternoon sunning it up on Brown’s Island & Belle Isle with a good book, a cool beverage, and some good snacks.

Shed Layers

Spending six months draped in layers isn’t fun. I don’t like wearing socks…or shoes for that matter. Spring allows me to shed those layers. My skin gets to absorb Vitamin D as it proceeds to get its bronzy tan.

Festival Season Starts

In VA, festival season tends to kick off in March. Crowds of people + cool/warm-ish weather + music + food + beer = WIN!  Besides longer days, this is my second favorite part of Spring.

Those are a few of my favorite things about Spring. Tell me, what do you enjoy most about Spring. I would love to hear about them!

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