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Home With Joy

The Importance of Neighbors #HomeWithJoy

When looking at homes there’s one thing you should absolutely do:

Talk to the neighbors

I know I may be asking a lot, but hear me out. Neighbors are a valuable asset in your homebuying journey. So helpful that I suggest that you have something on hand to take notes with.

Neighbors Know Thing

When I talked to the neighbors, I started with the same three questions:

How’s the street noise?

Are there any parking issues?

Are there any issues/problems with other neighbors?

Those questions often led to great conversations.

Neighbors Look Out

Something I appreciate about my neighbors is that they look out for you out of genuine concern.

If I get packages while I’m not at home, one of my neighbors will call to let me know that I have a box at my door. She doesn’t have to do that and I don’t take that for granted.

When we get ice/snow here, I and a couple of neighbors are out shoveling the walkways and vehicles of elderly neighbors on the block.

If you think that homeownership is a solo journey, guess again.

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