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    Preparing My Home for Fall/Winter #HomeWithJoy

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    This summer has been one for the books. With the evenings getting cooler, I’m starting to prepare myself and my home for the cold months ahead. I wasn’t too prepared last year and felt bleh.

    Lesson learned.

    I started thinking about what I want my home to look and feel like during the cooler months in July. I knew I wanted it to feel cozy all around. To get that coziness, I realized that I needed to enhance the senses.

    How do I enhance the senses?

    I’m a big fan of the “small change yields big results” mentality. Here are a few things I’ve done + plan to do:

    • I purchased these Philips color-changing Wi-fi light bulbs.
      • I brought these bulbs to add some color to my home. The Wiz app that operates these bulbs has a Schedules feature where I can put the bulbs on an alarm to wake me up with the bulb color of my choice. Much more gentle than waking up in darkness.
    • Add more texture.
      • I want to buy some faux sheepskin rugs like this one from IKEA.
      • I want to get some slipcovers for my sofa and loveseat in a velvet or velvet-like texture.
    • Bring nature inside.
      • I’ve been purchasing houseplants throughout the spring and summer. My favorite places to buy houseplants are Lowe’s, Home Depot, local greenhouses, and nurseries.
    • Smell goods
      • I’ve accumulated quite the stockpile of smell goods. As of this post I have fabric sprays, room sprays, oil plugins, and candles. I can’t wait to amp up the cozy factor.

    Do you prepare your home for the colder months? If yes, what do you do to get ready? I’d love to know.

    Until next time,


  • Love, Dating, & Relationships

    Cuffing (Pre) Season is Underway!

    Fall and Winter are nipping at Summer’s heels and Single Island is buzzing with excitement.


    It’s cuffing pre-season.


    For those who are unfamiliar, cuffing season takes place during Fall and Winter. Those who are comfortably single during the warmer months may feel that the weather change puts a cramp in their style. As a result, many people who would usually be free agents find potential boo thangs to snuggle up with.

    Like football, cuffing season has a pre-season. I’ve noticed that seasoned veterans are starting the selection process earlier this year. The pre-season allows time for one to check out potential boo thangs while they’re still enjoying the summer breeze. The major season goes by so quick and if one doesn’t plan properly, the ahead of the major season which goes so quick. It’s less pressure in the event that a potential doesn’t mesh, one has time to try again. Oh, and also like football, cuffing season typically ends when Spring is around the corner.

    Keep in mind that not everyone participates in cuffing season nor do all cuffing reason relationships end once the flowers bloom. With that said, let the searching begin!!