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    Two Simple Ways to Memorize Large Chunks of Information

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    I’m going to be completely honest with you. I was 23 years old before I figured out how to memorize large chunks of information. It was a fast-paced job where the ┬ácomplex protocols would change almost daily. While it was beyond frustrating, I ┬áhad no choice but to digest and process.

    I digest and process information in two ways:

    1. Shorthand

    Working in a face-paced environment doesn’t allow you to write in full sentences. By the time I write a full sentence, I’ve forgotten the information. I use a system of words, numbers, and symbols that allow me to retain large chunks of information. This works as long as I write legibly…which doesn’t always happen.

    2. Repetition

    In the event shorthand is not an option…repeat, repeat, repeat. That’s right. I will walk around the office and/or my house repeating information until I’m able to write it down. What’s funny is when I use repetition, I use shorthand as well. I can’t repeat an entire paragraph repeatedly, but I will break the paragraph up and only repeat what’s important.

    There it is. Simple and highly effective. What memory devices do you use to memorize large chunks of information?



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