• The Complexities of Life

    Fuck It!

    Absolutely nothing I’ve accomplished in my life came by playing it safe.

    I’ve accomplished quite a bit in my life so far. I graduated college, got a good job, and moved into my dream apartment. As I checked each accomplishment off my list, I got comfortable and stopped adding goals to my list. I slowly lost touch with my ambitious side.

    Fear told ambition to “step aside”.

    Comfort is my worst enemy. Once comfort and fear set in, it becomes so difficult to escape their cold grip. I eventually became unhappy with my job.  Looking for a new job was frightening. Of the many, many jobs I found, there were a couple of positions I should have applied for. These positions were out of my comfort zone, which was good…and bad. I need to be shaken up, however, learning new skills after honing my existing skills for a decade was frightening.

    What did I end up doing? I didn’t apply for any of the jobs. I was too scared to at least apply and  I’m still pissed at myself.  I was too scared to step on that ledge and take a risk.

    That was my first wake up moment.

    The second wake up moment came when I ran across the below video on Twitter. Ice T explains that in order for you to get where you want to be in life, sometimes you just have to say “F-ck It” and just take that risk. The situation can go one of two ways. You can fall on your face OR you can be successful. Isn’t that worth stepping on the ledge?

    Hell yeah.

  • The Complexities of Life

    Beyond the Comfort Zone

    English: Ice-T near the Meat Packing District ...
    English: Ice-T near the Meat Packing District in Manhattan on set of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    Confession: I’m afraid of becoming comfortable.

    My life is good at this point. I’m happy and I’m healthy. For many, this is enough. Yes, I’m grateful for what I am blessed with but I’m always looking to make things better. Moments of struggle have taught me to always have a backup just in case. I don’t like to get comfortable. I prefer to keep at least three toes outside of the comfort zone.

    Fast forward to this morning.

    I ran across the below video on Twitter. In the video, Ice -T talks about going beyond your comfort  zone by saying “fuck it”. With all things, taking risks can be both good and bad. The outcome is not known until you say “fuck it” and try. I have the utmost respect for Ice-T because he has lived what he speaks about.

    I can’t afford to play this life I’ve been given safe. Can you?

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