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    “Love” and F*ckery

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    People will put up with anything all in the name of “love”, including f*ckery.

    I’m sure we know at least one person who, to avoid loneliness, will date/marry/etc less than stellar individuals. Don’t act like you’ve never noticed. I know I’ve had several “what the hell does he/she see in him/her” moments.

    What makes these folks less than stellar? Oftentimes, it’s the ginormous elephant that’s in the room. The pieces of the puzzle that just don’t fit no matter how you try to justify it. While you scratch your head in doubt, that other person is doing one of the following: blinded by “love”, too stupid to see the obvious OR they probably see past the bull and just don’t want to be alone so they ignore it.

    We all have our breaking point. When will you get to yours? Or have you already gotten there and refuse to cross the line?

    Nothing good will come out of being with someone just to avoid being lonely. NOTHING! Loneliness and desperation can be smelled a mile away. Some folks feed off of that.

    When you say to the Universe that you just want “somebody”, you will get “any and every thing”.

    More than likely, this is why you have what you have now. The sharks are attracted to your emotional stench. It’s disgusting. Clean yourself up.

    This “love” that you have isĀ  pure f*ckery at its finest.

    Learn the difference.


    Edited November 23, 2014