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    Green Thumb Dreams

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    Do you own a garden? What do you grow?

    I currently don’t own a garden, but I want to grow an herb garden. I’m forcing myself to cook more so I want to embrace fresh herbs. My future herb garden will have mint, basil, thyme, and rosemary.

    Guess I should start shopping for supplies.

  • The Complexities of Life

    Beauty in Thunderstorms

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    Growing up, I was petrified of thunderstorms. The sky would turn this odd shade of color bluish grey. The birds would get all antsy. My

    mother, anticipating bad weather, would start unplugging all of the appliances from the outlets.

    The deep booms of the thunder made me flinch. Accented by the crackle and bright flashes of lightning, I would cover my face in fear. Waiting out the storm in silence felt like the clocks momentarily stopped.

    My fear disappeared as I entered my early 20s.

    I was living in a high-rise building, and the lights were already flickering. Storms with lightning and no thunder are the absolute WORST! Instead of sleeping during the storm, I was going to actually watch it.

    With the blinds rolled up, I grabbed a glass and a seat on the floor and watched Mother Nature at work. I was amazed how at one moment, the sky reflected fear and despair. Those dark clouds would eventually give way to freshly washed earth and a possible rainbow. It was crazy that I had either slept this beauty way or covered my face in fear.

    Thunderstorms remind me of those difficult times we all face. If we let go of the fear and anxiety that hold our spirits hostage, we can finally see the beauty in those thunderstorms.


    Updated January 1, 2015

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