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My Home Emergency Must-Haves #HomeWithJoy

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When it comes to owning a home, my favorite quote comes to mind:

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready.

You hope that you won’t experience an emergency, but that’s damn near impossible. Emergencies WILL happen. The best thing you can do is to prepare as much as possible. If want to get an idea of what your emergency must-haves should include, check out my must-haves below:

  • Batteries
  • Flashlight(s)/LED lantern(s)
  • Non-perishable items
    • I keep canned/dry beans, canned fruit, rice, and canned tomatoes in my pantry.
  • Blanket(s)
  • Water
  • Tool kit
    • An easy way to get your basic tools (e.g., hammer, tape measure, level, wrench, pliers, screwdriver, etc.).
Know where they are (and how to use them)
  • Water shut off valve
  • Circuit breaker box
  • Home contact list
    • My list has the names and phone numbers of my neighbor, HVAC servicer, contractor, plumber, and home insurance provider.

I hope you find this list helpful.

Until next time,





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