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My Feelings on Valentine’s Day

Chocolate Rose
Chocolate Rose (Photo credit: The Pack)

I believe that every day should be Valentine’s Day in some way. If you don’t show me how much you care on a regular day, don’t bother doing it on February 14. That makes it feel more like an obligation because Valentine’s Day is nothing more than an expensive guilt trip.


  • Roxana Nunez

    I think that people forget this was created by a business to sell cards. It has become about getting the better gift or going for the best restaurant. As a joke, I was commenting on facebook that this is the day when you see all the cheaters and the abusers posting plenty of comments to their partner, before they start all over again tomorrow with the abusive behavior.
    I remember a time when we use to make hearts out of construction paper for our teachers, fellow students and family. Those were my favorites. I asked people on my facebook to spend the day donating to good charities instead of complaining about the day. Not one person commented on that but I got a few likes.
    I do agree with you. If you are not nice to me the rest of the year, don’t be nice to me today. I add to that, if you are nice to me all year round, today would be a good day to get me a chocolate bar. It is the part about today that I like 😉

    • MsWalton

      Thank you Roxana for your comment! People have definitely forgotten that this has become a retail holiday. Unfortunately, Christmas has become the same way. I totally remember making the construction paper hearts and exchanging the cards with classmates and teachers. For some reason, I’ve noticed some people don’t really donate to charity unless it benefits them. At least all of those massive bags of candy will be at least 50% tomorrow:)

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