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The Recovering Pessimist: My Favorite News Podcasts -- I'm listening to podcasts to stay informed and awake while working. I wanted to share a few of my favorites. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistI work a 9-5 and wear headphones to stay awake and focused. Recently, I’ve been listening to a lot of news podcasts and I wanted to share with you a few of my favorites at the moment. The podcasts mentioned are all available on the Stitcher app. Without further adieu, here they are!

NPR Up First

What I appreciate about NPR Up First is that from Monday-Friday, the show is a 10-12 minute snapshot (on average) of the news, pop culture, etc.  you need to know in about 10 minutes. Perfect for those of us who are in a time crunch and/or only want the highlights.

The Rachel Maddow Show

I’m not big on politics, but staying informed is a necessary. The Rachel Maddow Show airs Monday-Friday on MSNBC. She has a way of storytelling that intrigues me and makes the news digestible, which is well-needed in the current political climate.

60 Minutes

My favorite part of 60 Minutes is the ticking sound of the stopwatch that plays at the beginning and end of the show. The show airs Sundays on CBS. In addition to covering current events, 60 Minutes also features stories on nature, pop culture, and technology that are relevant to today.

These are my favorite news podcasts at the moment. If you listen to news podcasts, I’d love to hear about them. Let’s discuss in the comments and/or social media.


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