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The Recovering Pessimist: My Blogging Routine -- Before I sit down to write a blog post, I like to set the scene. I need to have the correct music, lighting, snacks, etc. to get me in the mental space to write some awesomeness. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimist

Blogging while working a 9-5 is difficult enough. There are things I must have to blog successfully, such as a decompression period, to keep me sane (click here and here).

When I’m getting ready to blog, I like to set the scene. I want to get myself mentally prepared to write some goodness. There are a few things that help me set the scene to blog:

Limit Distractions

I’m usually pretty good at multitasking. However, I can’t multitask when it comes to blogging. I waste too much time doing blog-related tasks if I’m watching TV and/or doing other things on the laptop. To avoid wasting time, I turn on the TV or at least mute it. If I’m working away from home, I wear headphones to block out the sounds around me.

Mood Music

I like to listen to music while I write. I’m a sucker for piano instrumentals. My favorite Spotify playlists are Piano ChillPiano MoodsThe Piano Bar, and Peaceful Piano. These playlists help me focus on the task at hand and makes the creative process smooth.

Gather Snacks & Beverage of Choice

In addition to having all my blogging tools at hand (click here and here), having snacks and beverages on hand is just as important. Fruits like cherries, apples, and bananas are my favorite snacks to have on hand. When it comes to alcohol, sweet red wine is my favorite.

These are a few of the things that help me set the scene to blog. If you’re a blogger and/or writer, how do you get yourself mentally prepared to write? How to you set the scene? I’d love to hear about it.

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