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Let’s Talk About Sex

Do you think sex education should come from the parents, the school, or a mix of both?

Parents are the first educators in a child’s life. Therefore, they should be the ones to deliver sex education. Proper delivery is key. Using anatomical terms instead of  those weird PG terms like “peepee” and “cookie” to avoid confusion later on. Sex education is nothing to be embarrassed about, especially with children maturing earlier than past generations.

I wonder if some parents feel like it’s too soon to talk about sex with their children. How do you not talk about sex education when sex is literally EVERYWHERE?!?! Baffles me, but then again, I’m not a parent. I wouldn’t understand how difficult it is to raise a child in today’s society.

rolls eyes Okay.

Today’s post was inspired by the Salt-N-Pepa classic “Let’s Talk About Sex”. Enjoy!

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