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5 Interesting Things About Me (Part 2)

The Recovering Pessimist: 5 Interesting Things About Me (Part II). -- To know me is to love me...or hate me after you find out which condiment I absolutely hate. | #amwriting #recoveringpessimist #optimisticpessimistIt’s been a while since  I originally wrote five interesting things about myself. So, I figure I would ease into this week with a new round of interesting things about me. One of them may or may not start a war, but I’m willing to take the risk. Enjoy!


1. I HATE mayonnaise!!

I don’t really care for condiments on my sandwiches in general, but you better NOT put mayo on my sandwiches! It’s disgusting and disrespectful to my taste buds. I’ll throw a fit! Trust me, it’s happened.

2. Chicken wings are my weakness!!

Like seriously, I LOVE them! I know that many restaurants usually put chicken wings on the appetizer section of a menu. My favorite happy hour spot, Fat Dragon, has really good Szechuan Pepper Wings. So good that I’ve been known to order a basket to dine-in and order another to eat at home. Yes, they’re THAT good!

3. A philosophy course changed my life.

In college, I took a philosophy course. The course didn’t focus on finding a right or wrong answer to problems/theories. Instead, the professor taught us to break down the problem/theory into the individual components, then analyze those components to solve the problem/theory. My critical thinking and problem-solving skills have greatly improved as a result.

4. Black is my favorite color.

I kid you not, I could wear black every single day of my life for the rest of my life. It’s a powerful color to me. Plus it allows the rest of my personality to shine bats eyelashes.

5. I’m left-handed.

That’s right, I’m a proud member of the Southpaw Brigade. Some of my favorite people in the world are left-handed: Oprah Winfrey, Bill Gates, Ned Flanders, Jimi Hendrix, and Barack Obama. Can’t beat that.

I hope you learned something interesting (and maybe unexpected) about me after reading this. Share something about yourself in the comments.


Updated January 7, 2017

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