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    The Complexities of Life

    The Aftermath of Being Loud and Wrong

    Growing up, I was told that not every thought, opinion, or idea I have needs to be shared. I still feel that way, especially with social media making it so easy to share. It’s a platform for them to share what they think/feel, especially when they’re loud and wrong.

    I call these folks Megaphone Mary and Mike.

    Megaphone Mary and Mike will go online and share thoughts/opinions that don’t make sense. It defies science, history, and common sense. Take the pandemic for example. Below are a few of the things Megaphone Mary and Mike have posted online about COVID-19:

    • It’s just the flu.
    • Wearing a mask violates my rights.
    • It’s a hoax.



    While you have every right to share how you feel, others have the same right to comment on what you shared. What tickles me is when folks challenge what’s shared, Megaphone Mary and Mike get reeallll mad.

    [tweetshare tweet=”At this point, I think science and/or common sense is to Megaphone Mary and Mike what sunlight is to vampires.” username=”2n$28p1ijG!jkr6qAqbM5JM&XPcH%QfD:1:0″]

    Folks aren’t always going to agree on social media. Being exposed to varying viewpoints is a benefit of those platforms. But since Megaphone Mary and Mike don’t like being challenged, I have a solution for that:

    • Delete your account

    Folks are losing their jobs based on something that was shared online. If I were Megaphone Mary and Mike, I’d think twice before I hit “Share”. I would say to share it in a group chat, but folks are getting fired from that too so yeah. Get a good pen and a nice journal and write it down.

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    The Complexities of Life

    Keep It To Yourself

    This post was inspired by those who have a tendency to “tell too much of the church’s business” on social media. I swear social media has turned into confessional for some folks. It reminds me of The Truman Show. So much of their lives are shared online that you start to feel that they believe social media IS their life.

    Katt Williams/Giphy.com

    If you’re an oversharer, regardless of the medium, come close. I want to make sure you read the following statement:

    Everyone doesn’t need to know your every move, even if it’s good.


    First, everyone on your friend’s list doesn’t always have your best interest in mind. You’re living your life, sharing your highlights and memories. Then one day, you post an update that isn’t so upbeat. For example, your relationship status went from “In A Relationship” to “Single”. What happens right after you post that update?

    The same folks on your friend’s list start speculating. You then feel a way about folks being in your business. Then again, nobody would be in your business if you didn’t share your business.

    [tweetshare tweet=”Be aware of who you’re sharing what with. There are wolves in sheep’s clothing, both in-person and on social media.” username=”2n$28p1ijG!jkr6qAqbM5JM&XPcH%QfD:1:0″]

    In the end, your well-being is worth more than likes.

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