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#XD30-Chapter 30-Life Goes On


“Why am I using this damn board to talk to you?!” I ask, waving the board in the air.

Using her hand, Susan spells out LOL. I giggle before continuing.

“From what the detective told me, the concierge called security, who went upstairs to the condo. Yelena was lying on the floor where we left her and immediately started talking. That’s when things got interesting.”

Susan motions for the board.


I pour her a glass of water. She takes a few sips.

“You okay?”

She nods. I continue.

“Yelena tells the cops that she had an accomplice that was on her way to the condo to help ‘finish the job’. The cops decided that they would hide in the den and wait for the accomplice. Yelena opens the door for the accomplice. Lo and behold, your mother walks in with a very large handbag.”

Susan takes another sip of water and motions for me to continue. I take a deep breath.

“She comes into the room and asks Yelena where we are. Yelena panics and tells her that we escaped. Your mother gets pissed, telling Yelena that the plan is ruined, and that they have to find us. The officers, who were hiding in the den, walk into the living room, and start questioning your mother.”


As I read the board, something clicks.

“The officer mentioned that your mother kept saying ‘It wasn’t over’. I don’t understand what she meant by that.”

Susan is frozen. I’m talking quiet as a church mouse, breathing shallow as hell. Before I can say anything, the doctor enters the room.

“Hello ladies. Susan, I will be discharging you in the next half an hour. You can get dressed.”

Excited, Susan raises her arms above her head and wiggles her fingers. Grabbing a bag from the closet, I hand Susan a change of clothes. Once I get her dressed, the nurse enters with a wheelchair. While she get Susan into the wheelchair, the doctor comes in with her discharge papers. After going over her at-home care plan, he wishes us well and leaves. The nurse wheels Susan out of the room, while I leave to get the car.

Meeting them outside, I get Susan into the car, and thank the nurse. Susan motions for the board.


2 Responses to #XD30-Chapter 30-Life Goes On

  1. *clapping* u did a great job. So susan dated yelena? and she’s preggors? and her jaw is broken?

    “I wish u insight so u can see for urself.”

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